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Infinite Waves

Various Artists
Folded Expressions

A1 - O. Vaupel "grøn/o.vaupel_cello"
A2 – Misantrop "Untitled v.5"
A3 – C. Haxholm "Bjarke KLaver + Synth-lilforskelmix"
A4 – C.R. Hougaard "Cycles bounce #2 mix færdig"
B1 – Knækkede Stemmer "Vores tale forstummer"
B2 – Ro "grøn remix"
B3 – Ato Vari "Rebounce"
B4 – Sortlegeme "Bjarkeco3"

"Reinterpretations based on piano and cello recordings by Grøn"

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