Infinite Waves

  • IW-38: Metalized Man "Gamemaster" CS

    Metalized Man "Gamemaster"

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  • IW-37: Isorinne "Samarbeten" CS Sold out

    Isorinne "Samarbeten"

    A1 Vattenpromenad I
    Featuring – Acronym

    A2 Hammarbyhöjden
    Featuring – Acronym

    A3 Enskededalen
    Featuring – Znurrfhek

    B1 Ervallakroken
    Featuring – F. Ström

    B2 Männen Från Eris
    Featuring – Apatoa

    B3 Vattenpromenad II
    Featuring – Apatoa

  • IW-36: Assembler "Ana & Gyakusuo" CS Sold out

    Assembler "Ana & Gyakusuo"

    A1 Ana
    B1 Gyakusuo

  • IW-35: Grøn "Nye Ritualer" CS

    Grøn "Nye Ritualer"

    A1 01 55° 42 26.7480 N
    A2 Etna
    B1 Ny Morgen
    B2 04 12° 33 12.9852 E

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  • IW-34: VA "Dive" CS Sold out

    VA "Dive"

    A1 – Claus Poulsen - Bolero
    A2 – Equis - C39
    A3 – F - H. Dilemma
    A4 – Goodiepal - Østerild Mysteriet 3D
    A5 – Takahiro Mukai - #181
    B1 – Isorinne - Sunlit Particles
    B2 – Grøn - Ud Over Vand
    B3 – Cathaya - Kinesio
    B4 – Tropisk Klima - Jordens Fremtid
    B5 – EEAOO - Pois Crispr

  • IW-LIVE-02: Easy Rider "Ez Rider" CS

    Easy Rider "Ez Rider"

    A1 Stuvende Fuld Af Laerker
    A2 X-Vej
    B1 Jeg Har Din Ryg (Firbenet Forstyrret Af Marked)
    B2 Firbenet Hjem

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  • IW-33: Equis "Men's Health" CS Sold out

    Equis "Men's Health"

    A1 Lanes
    A2 Lo Maté
    A3 Hoftebøjetskrue
    B1 Bolas
    B2 Ur Combination

  • IW-32: Jørgen Teller "Le Bastard and Gold Guitar Bowed" CS Sold out

    Jørgen Teller "Le Bastard and Gold Guitar Bowed"

    A1 Muld Raga
    A2 Cisternerne
    B1 Muld Raga - Live Loppen

  • IW-31: Takahiro Mukai "One Track Mind" CS

    Takahiro Mukai "One Track Mind"

    A1 #161
    A2 #101717
    A3 #163
    A4 #101722
    B1 #159
    B2 #162162
    B3 #160
    B4 #111423

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  • IW-30: Assembler "Quantum Paths of Desire" LP

    Assembler "Quantum Paths of Desire"

    Q1 Cryptographics Of Desire
    Q2 Schizo-Exstatic I/O
    Q3 Neo-Shanghai Mainframe
    D1 Hypercontiniuum Chip
    D2 Virtual Viking Tears
    D3 Cypercaribean Info-Meltdown
    D4 Screensaver Hypnosis

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  • IW-29: 209 "Reality Samplers" 3xCS

    209 "Reality Samplers"

    A1 From the Shower to the Radiator
    A2 Metal Grid Floor on Gangway
    A3 Sluice Control Box
    A4 Empty Metal Cages
    B1 Metal Framed Concrete Box
    B2 Pillar Resting on the Seabed
    A1 Rotterdam Walk of Fame Zuidplein 2014
    A2 Walkalator in Pernis
    A3 Reverse C
    A4 Down Brug Briedenoord
    B1 Mass Tunnel
    B2 Down the Erasmus Bridge
    B3 Inside Trailer
    B4 Zuidplein Sunday
    A1 Waalhaven
    A2 On a Bridge Across a Pond Under a Concrete Highline Overpass
    A3 Quarantine Beach
    A4 Anglers Favorite
    B1 Noorderkanaal
    B1 Fontein Hofplein

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  • IW-28: Goodiepal "Søsterhøj Mysteriet & Hessdalen" CS Sold out

    Goodiepal "Søsterhøj Mysteriet & Hessdalen"

    A1 Søsterhøj Mysteriet
    B1 Hessdalen

  • IW-LIVE-01: Girlseeker "Live på Hovedbiblioteket" CS Sold out

    Girlseeker "Live på Hovedbiblioteket"

    A1 Snake Eyes/Tower/Snake
    A2 Supermarket
    A3 Lomesome and Handsome
    A4 Now That Spring is Here
    B1 Late
    B2 Lonely Hours
    B3 Lightning from My Mind

  • IW-27: Chienne Lucas "Left Hand Orientation" CS Sold out

    Chienne Lucas "Left Hand Orientation"

    A1 Diagonal 1
    A2 Diagonal 2
    A3 Diagonal 3
    B1 Diagonal 4
    B2 Diagonal 5

  • IW-26: EEAOO "Morfin" CS

    EEAOO "Morfin"

    A1 Gul
    A2 Wavy
    A3 . ,.
    B1 ,-.:
    B2 [;:.-..^,.

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  • IW-25: Hong Kong Ladyboys "Slangenoia MIX" CS Sold out

    Hong Kong Ladyboys "Slangenoia MIX"

    A1 Mother Shocker
    A2 Loose Tights
    A3 Bodymelt
    A4 Missed Calls
    A5 Alienator
    B1 Purple Ocean
    B2 Aeorobic Cannibal
    B3 Tongue Biter
    B4 Sandra’s Initiation

  • IW-24: VA "Tusch" CS Sold out

    VA "Tusch"

    A1 Cathaya - Nasdaq Prince
    A2 Chienne Lucas - Hazy Talk

    A3 Plants - Let Down
    A4 209 - Down By The Erie Canal
    A5 Grøn - Mellemspil
    A6 Cilla Leitao - Telefon, Mozart, Bil
    A7 Golberg/Lolax - Happy Birthday
    A8 Marehelm - Tolv
    B1 F - Dzznss
    B2 Assembler - Translucentsigularity
    B3 Metalized Man - Tetten
    B4 Mythic Sunship - Infinite Space Waves

  • IW-23: Fall Catalog "Blue Sunset" CS Sold out

    Fall Catalog "Blue Sunset"

    A1 Far In Sky
    A2 Blue Sunset
    A3 Karrotten
    A4 Raindrops Of High
    B1 Happens To You
    B2 Great View
    B3 Pink Flying Soaps
    B4 Into The Stream
    B5 Conceptual Healing

  • IW-22: F.E. Denning Descension Orchestra "S/T" LP

    F.E. Denning Descension Orchestra "S/T"

    Part A
    Part B

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  • IW-FREE: Alexander Tovborg "Popvlvs Sanctvs" CS Sold out

    Alexander Tovborg "Popvlvs Sanctvs"

  • IW-21: Cathaya "Sugar A.M." CS Sold out

    Cathaya "Sugar A.M."

    A1 Coma
    A2 Swaworski Mask
    A3 Dart
    B1 Saint-96
    B2 Tacit

  • IW-20: F "SCAN" CS Sold out

    F "SCAN"

    Side A
    Side B

  • IW-19: Jørgen Teller & 209 "Ufokuseret Perspektiv" CS Sold out

    Jørgen Teller & 209 "Ufokuseret Perspektiv"

    A1 Muld Raga
    A2 Cisternerne
    B1 Muld Raga - Live Loppen

  • IW-18: Assembler "Hacking The Reproduction" CS Sold out

    Assembler "Hacking The Reproduction"

    A1 Penetrationpassword
    A2 Galvazied Breath
    A3 Licking the Firewall
    A4 Deep Disk Decryption
    B1 Wreckers of Civiliazation
    B2 Dataswallow
    B3 Cyan Rose

  • IW-17: Metalized Man "S/T" CS Sold out

    Metalized Man "S/T"

    A1 Metalized Man
    B1 More Space

  • IW-16: Electrolux "999 The Beast" CS Sold out

    Electrolux "999 The Beast"

    A1 999
    B1 The Beast

  • IW-15: Golberg/Lolax "Cyclops 1-6" CS Sold out

    Golberg/Lolax "Cyclops 1-6"

    A1 Cyclop 1
    A2 Cyclop 2
    A3 Cyclop 3
    B1 Cyclop 4
    B2 Cyclop 5
    B3 Cyclop 6

  • IW-14: Marehelm "MOLB" CS Sold out

    Marehelm "MOLB"

    A1 ALP
    B2 PFK

  • IW-13: Blågårdsgade "S/T" CS Sold out

    Blågårdsgade "S/T"

    A1 Kuwait Legacy
    A2 ȴḽƙợ
    A3 14. Februar
    B1 New Energy
    B2 Slags Sommer
    B3 Solna

  • IW-12: Grøn "S/T" CS Sold out

    Grøn "S/T"

    A1 5:48
    A2 6:18
    B1 12:27

  • IW-11: Mythic Sunship "Celestial Disturbance" CS Sold out

    Mythic Sunship "Celestial Disturbance"

    A1 Spacefeeder
    B1 Interstellar Static

  • IW-10: Cilla Leitao "Morderhval" CS Sold out

    Cilla Leitao "Morderhval"

    A1 Hvalros
    A2 Gardinerne Er Vågne
    A3 Advokaternes Offer
    B1 Bali
    B2 Landevejs Heks
    B3 Påskeflokkens Nat
    B4 Tirsdag

  • IW-09: Tex Fuller "Dead End Line" CS Sold out

    Tex Fuller "Dead End Line"

    A1 In Youth is Pleasure
    A2 Back In Time
    A3 All The Blood
    B1 Hide the Moon In My Gut
    B2 The Ledge

  • IW-08: 209 "The Gothenburg Tapes" 3xCS Sold out

    209 "The Gothenburg Tapes"

    A1 Anyotherboy
    A2 Bad Ears
    A3 God of Clay and Ash
    A4 Glassie 1
    A5 Glassie 2
    B1 Glassie Intro
    B2 Make My Own Religion
    B3 SU
    B4 TH
    C1 New Techniques
    C2 City Seagull
    C3 Wave of Synthetic Joy
    C4 Are You a Zombie Your Beats Slow
    D1 Rainbow Door / Mushroom Key
    D2 I Just Called to Say I Love You
    D3 Things
    D4 Back to Boring
    E1 Fake ID
    E2 Get a Life
    E3 Alone
    F1 Dönertime
    F2 All That Jazz
    F3 Almost There
    G1 Springtime
    G2 Relax Everythings OK
    G3 Everythings OK
    G4 The Trees Became My Friends
    H1 It's True
    H2 What
    H3 I Was So Easily Inspired

  • IW-07: Younolovebunny "Rød, gul og Grøn" CS Sold out

    Younolovebunny "Rød, gul og grøn"

    A1 Køffenhaun
    A2 Når Tankerne Forsvinder
    A3 Jorden Er Flad Som Et Blad
    A4 Gør Noget Nyt/Kaptajn På Stjerneskib
    A5 Camping Fest
    B1 Efterårsland Sjælland
    B2 Gør Noget Nyt
    B3 Jorden Finder Os Aldrig Igen (F. Teige cover)
    B4 HVAD

  • IW-06: Plants "Telemark" CS Sold out

    Plants "Telemark"

    A1 Telemark Part 1
    B1 Telemark Part 2

  • IW-05: Sontag Shogun "LTFI EP" CS Sold out

    Sontag Shogun "LTFI EP"

    A1 Let the Flies In
    A2 Hungarian Wheat (ambient version)
    B1 Paper Canes
    B2 Gekheid Op Een Stokje

  • IW-04: October "Pride Does Not Follow The Statement" CS Sold out

    October "Pride Does Not Follow The Statement"

    A1 Just Tryin
    A2 I Breathe Through A Tube
    A3 This Life
    B1 One Ton Timber
    B2 The Universal

  • IW-03: Less Win "Untitled" CS Sold out

    Less Win "Untitled"

    A1 As Of Today
    A2 Bayonet
    B1 I'm The Shore B2 Listen Louder

  • IW-02: Grøn "Vindues Seværdigheder" CS Sold out

    Grøn "Vindues Seværdigheder"

    A1 4:32
    B1 4:16

  • IW-01: 209 "How Can We Map Out This Country When The Wind Is Changing The Landscape From Day To Day" CS Sold out

    209 "How Can We Map Out This Country When The Wind Is Changing The Landscape From Day To Day"

    A1 One-way Street
    A2 Snoop
    A3 On To Bareveld
    B1 Bareveld
    B2 Waalhaven


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